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About Birds and Blooms Magazine

Birds and Blooms is an American magazine about backyard plants, birds, butterflies, and other creatures. It is published by Reiman Publications. Most of the articles and photographs in the magazine are reader-submitted, giving the magazine a non-scientific approach. It contains information on how to attract birds and other wildlife to the backyard and other information of interest to outdoor enthusiasts and amateur ornithologists and lepidopterists.

The magazine targets an audiences from two hobby demographics: gardening and birdwatching. In 2008, 70% of American adults were involved in gardening, and 6.4% were bird-watchers.

Birds and Blooms Magazine Details

Birds and Blooms Publisher : Reiman Media Group

Birds and Blooms Language : English

Birds and Blooms Magazine URL :

Birds and Blooms Magazine published from : Greendale, WI

Birds and Blooms Magazine Type : Bi-monthly

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