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About Chandamama Magazine

Chandamama is a popular Indian monthly magazine for children known for its illustrations. It was revamped in November 2008 and has since gone contemporary in terms of language, presentation, artwork, and content. It continues to carry old favourites like Vikram-Vetal and mythological tales but there have been several new additions- contemporary stories, adventure serials, sports, technology, news pages etc. Considering the new trends in children's literature and the emerging importance given to academic study and analysis of the same, Chandamama has strived to keep its editorial policies in line with the times. As the oldest brand in the field, Chandamama has taken up the responsibility of delivering entertaining, sensitive, and educational literature for its young readers. Chandamama is published in 13 languages, and has a readership of about 200,000.

The first edition of Chandamama was released in July, 1947. The founder editor of the magazine was B.Nagi Reddy who later became a leading film producer in South India. Chakrapani, a friend of Nagi Reddy, was the force behind magazine, and his vision, perception and understanding of the target readership brought name and fame to the magazine.

Chandamama Magazine Details

Chandamama Publisher : Geodesic Information Systems Limited

Chandamama Language : English

Chandamama Magazine URL :

Chandamama Magazine published from : New Delhi

Chandamama Magazine Type : Monthly

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