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About Cogito Magazine

Cogito is a philosophical magazine published by Nefeli publications (Athens, Greece) and a member of the Eurozine network. It was founded in 2004 with the intention of making philosophy accessible to the lay reader without compromising it through oversimplification. Cogito is therefore an attempt to approach everyday issues and themes through a philosophically rigorous lens. Contributors, most of them professional philosophers but also including academics from a variety of disciplines, consider such varied topics as colors, taste, gardens, cinema, desire and love, art and aesthetics, and logical paradoxes. Each issue, consisting of a number of articles, is dedicated to a different topic: privacy, intelligence both natural and artificial, applied ethics, history and narrative, friendship. Each issue further presents a philosopher to its readers. In the past, subjects of this 'philosophical library' have included Plato, Wittgenstein, J.S. Mill, and Kant.

Cogito Magazine Details

Cogito Publisher : Nefeli Publications

Cogito Language : Greek

Cogito Magazine URL :

Cogito Magazine published from : Greece

Cogito Magazine Type : Monthly

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