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About Gempak Magazine

Gempak is a Malaysian comic/gaming/hobby magazine, published by Art Square Creation beginning in June 1998. The magazine's main motto is, "Majalah Komik Generasi Baru." Being the first magazine in Malaysia to introduce local comic artists to an international audience, some have criticized the artists' skills as an imitation of the Japanese manga style. Others, however, claim that the artwork is completely different and introduces a new brand of manga, sometimes categorized as graphic novels. Gempak also has the distinction of being the first Malaysian info-comic magazine, offering news and articles about the ACG (Animation, Comics & Games) world in and outside of the country. Gempak magazine aims to encourage the local development of such industries, facilitating the global spread of Malaysian talent.

Gempak Magazine Details

Gempak Publisher : Art Square Group

Gempak Language : English

Gempak Magazine URL :

Gempak Magazine published from : Malaysia

Gempak Magazine Type : Monthly

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