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About Himal Khabarpatrika Magazine published from Nepal

Himal Khabarpatrika was a Nepal-language fortnightly news magazine published in Nepal by Himal Media (pl). It was one of the few news magazine (khabar+patrika) in the northern half of the subcontinent which uses the liberal values of journalism to reach out to a vernacular audience. It has developed a choice following of both the rural and urban intelligentsia, maintaining credibility and an inclusive editorial voice. This magazine give highly provocative news. Most of the time the news carry great controvorsies. While its readership spans the country, Nepals worldwide also read it, including the opinion-forming and decision-making classes and the vernacular-elite. Khabarpatrika’s share is a sizeable chunk of the vernacular reading population of Nepal, and the quality of that readership means that the message does get maximum dissemination.

Himal Khabarpatrika Magazine Details

Himal Khabarpatrika Publisher : Kanak Mani Dixit

Himal Khabarpatrika Language : Nepali

Himal Khabarpatrika Magazine URL: http://www.Nepalhimal.com/

Himal Khabarpatrika Magazine published from : Nepal

Himal Khabarpatrika Magazine Type : fortnightly

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