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About Himalayan Beacon Magazine

The Himalayan Beacon, known until 2006 simply as BEACON, is a monthly news-magazine published in Darjeeling by The Mandalay Books India (Pvt.) Ltd., and distributed throughout Darjeeling Hills and Sikkim. It is now owned by The Mandalay Books India (Pvt.) Ltd., which publishes other periodicals, including the weekly newspaper This Week and The Himalayan Traveller. BEACON is the largest and the first magazine to be published by and for the Darjeeling Hills. Nicknamed the "Fire Hose" for its colourful appearance and undiplomatic journalistic style, it is often regarded as a source of record, meaning that it is frequently relied upon as the official and authoritative reference for modern events. Founded in 1998 by Barun Roy, the magazine is by far more popular among the youths of the region than the readers of other generations. The magazine's name is often abbreviated to Beacon, due to its earlier popularity as Beacon. Its famous motto, always printed in the upper left-hand corner of the cover page, is "News and Views on All for All."

Beacon was founded on 18 October 1997 by Barun Roy. The first issue of Beacon came out on 15 January 1998.

Himalayan Beacon Magazine Details

Himalayan Beacon Publisher : The Mandalay Books India Pvt Ltd.

Himalayan Beacon Language : English

Himalayan Beacon Magazine URL : http://thehimalayanbeacon.com/magazine/

Himalayan Beacon Magazine published from : Darjeeling

Himalayan Beacon Magazine Type : Monthly

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