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About KtmROCKS Magazine published from Nepal

ktmROCKS was a magazine devoted to metal music. It was published in Nepal for many months within 2004 to 2006, although not at a constant rate. The magazine began as an initiative of one man, Umes Shrestha, and involved various underground metal and rock bands of Nepal. Much of the magazine fan base is connected with the original ktmROCKS forum population.

The magazine was the first of its kind to display underground metal in the country. Although many local metal and rock concerts were held without any mass media approach, the magazine, being closely related to ktmROCKS, which was a metal platform and gig organizer. The magazine was in high circulation but among selective groups as the concept of underground and metal music was, as is mostly today, foreign to many.

KtmROCKS Magazine Details

KtmROCKS Publisher : ktmROCKS

KtmROCKS Language : English

KtmROCKS Magazine URL: http://ktmrocks.com/

KtmROCKS Magazine published from : Nepal

KtmROCKS Magazine Type : varying

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