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About Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen is a monthly Japanese fashion magazine for female teenagers published by Shueisha. Launched in 1967 as a weekly magazine based on the original American Seventeen, the magazine changed the name to SEVENTEEN in 1987, and to Seventeen in 2008.

Since the late 1990s, Seventeen has been the highest-selling teenage fashion magazine in Japan, and has featured its exclusive teenage models as ST-Mo (STモ - Seventeen Model). Seventeen is very popular among models (teenage models) because being featured on the magazine especially its certain page(s), not the cover, strongly helps them to get high-quality endorsement and collection contracts. Kaoru Hidaka, a model who appeared on Seventeen from 2000 to 2004, commented about Seventeen when she was on Nana Eikura's radio show Girls Locks! (School of Lock) on February 12, 2007, "You know, Seventeen itself sucks even though it pays greatly, especially it's readers are cocksuckers they complain about everything about us, but hey, I and others loved it because, you know, Nana, it's delicious, it helped us to get amazing ads, and nice paying collections. The first two weeks feature made me a real millionaire". Well known former Seventeen models (most of whom became famous because of their television appearances) include Rie Miyazawa, Hinano Yoshikawa, Keiko Kitagawa, Anna Tsuchiya, Nana Eikura, and Emi Suzuki.

Seventeen Magazine Details

Seventeen Magazines Publisher : Shueisha

Seventeen Magazines Language : Japanese

Seventeen Magazines URL :

Seventeen Magazines published from : Japan

Seventeen Magazines Type : Monthly

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