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About Veintitantos Magazine

Veintitantos magazine is a Mexican magazine that was first published on June 1994. It has features on relationships, work, sex and other issues that appeal to women ages 18 to 30. Other titles from Veintitantos are: Mujer Nueva, 15 a 20, 4 Ruedas, H, and TV Notas.

When the magazine was first released, its price was 6.00 pesos (around US$2.00 in June 1994). After 1994's great Mexican crisis, the magazine tried its best to keep price and quality at the same level but could not manage to do it. 10 years later, you can buy Veintitantos magazine for 29 pesos (around US$2.8 in 2007).

Veintitantos Magazine Details

Veintitantos Publisher :

Veintitantos Language : Spanish

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Veintitantos Magazine published from : Mexico

Veintitantos Magazine Type : Monthly

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