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Zeta is a Mexican magazine published every Friday in Tijuana by Choix Editores. This publication regularly runs exposés on the local and federal governments as well as on organized crime. As a result, its co-founder and co-director J. Jesús Blancornelas suffered several murder attempts, including one in 1997 in which he was gravely injured and that left his bodyguard dead. Since then, the publication has received several press awards. Zeta is distributed throughout the Mexican states of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora.

Héctor Félix Miranda, also known as "El Gato Félix", (Spanish for Felix the Cat) was murdered on April 20, 1988. For years the magazine has included a page, in every edition, about the murder and how the attacker was an employee of a local millionaire, Jorge Hank Rhon and promises to stop publication when the people who ordered the assassination are convicted. In 2004, the magazine intensified negative publicity towards Hank Rhon, since he was the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate for the position of president of the municipality of Tijuana in the 2004 elections in Baja California. However, discontent with the National Action Party (PAN) had a heavier weight on public opinion and Hank Rhon won the election, ending 12 years of PAN government in the municipality.

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